27 Şubat 2011 Pazar

Edge of Flesh

- yıllar önce yazıldığı halde artık hiç bir duygu uyandırmayan eski nefretlerden ötürü asla yayınlanmamıştı. şimdi gün ışığına çıkma zamanı. -

At the edge of the flesh
My consciousness fails
Reality behind tainted glass
A stranger that reflects

Pages of a broken diary
sign of trust to me, to you infedilety
a call you await, never to come
Sick love playing tricks on your mind

"I love you dearly"
Never means, was never meant to be
"I'm gonna tell you everything
Eveything before you and me"

The right to learn from mistakes
The sin of your overdeveloped pride
The ability to make dreams come true
Second chances taken back with time

Familiar phrases we've been through
There's no use now to argue
No way that I can hate you
Beauty makes the best prostitute of all

For the one thing I've learned
I shall keep my word to be sure
Nothing new in my life
To save as unique, the name of you

"Stop reminding yourself
Just to hurt me more
My life I need to go on
My anger I want to run from"

Now I address my confessions
Letters should have been written long ago

Now I read between the lines
Words that meant nothing to me before

Now you tell me to forget you
The oath I took when I first saw you

"Save your words for the next lucky one
Reminding me the love I've been left without"